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WordPress 2.0 released

The latest version of WordPress 2.0 is available, although anyone using WordPress Multi-user, which runs this site has already had a good look at exactly what it can do.

The release of 2.0 signals that the developers are happy enough with the current script to make it available to all. I’ve now upgraded this multi-user version to match the latest 2.0 release, which should be good news for anyone using this site.


The original release details can be found at

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Change the look of your site

Remember that you can change the look of your site by choosing a new theme in the presentation section of the administration area.

Login first then click >> Presentation >> Theme name

Just click on the name of the one you like and it will become your new theme.

Thanks for the fantastic banner

A big thanks to Clint Pietersen, a friend of mine in Taiwan. After I told about the site yesterday, he went home and created this cool banner you see now, which I received as a wonderful blessing in the mailbox this morning. What a treat.

So what is a blog?

This site hosts blogs. A blog is a website, based on a script, that looks like a diary of sorts.

The owner of a blog makes posts, adds stuff, to the site through a web-based administration area.

From that administration area, you can control what appears in the sidebar, what you do and don’t want to appear and whether people viewing your site can post comments or not. You can even choose people to allow themselves to signup as authors on your blog.

This site is based on wordpress multiuser which is still in development but offers much of the same basic functionality as wordpress does, although not as customizable.

So if you want to give blogging a try, you can just try it out.Â